13 June 2008

It's a baby!

Readers will have noticed a lack of postings in the last couple of weeks, and cleverer readers would have realised it may have something to do with BITO's condition.

The Bloggers are delighted to announce the chaotic, but safe, arrival of The Sponge Junior*, a beautiful and charming chap weighing in at around 3.8kgs.

We will not be offline for long, and look forward to The Sponge Junior's first blog outing.
*not his real name


Marz said...

Congratulations to BITO and The Sponge on the safe arrival of Stinky. I bet BITO's glad it's all over, but has The Sponge recovered yet?

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Thanks marz. The Sponge's head is still spinning and we don't think he knows quite what happened back there. He should come good sooner or later.

Margaret, Clive & Zoe said...

Congratulations to BITO/BOOTO & The Sponge! We have just started reading your excellent blog and love it.
As strong supporters of many of Beaufort St eateries over the past 8 years it is good to hear about the ones we have not tried yet. We had out junior 4 years ago Slowed us down a bit but now she is a supporter too! (Side note the children's menus in most places are very limited)
Have shared your blog with others so please finish the challenge.

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Hi margaret, clive & zoe - thank you very much for your support. We will definitely finish the challenge, but it's going to take a bloody long time!

Interesting point about the children's menus - we will look out for them from now on and comment on any noteworthy ones.