08 January 2009


Hi everyone. Thanks for all your emails and comments, it's nice to know we have a reader or 2.

We have not disbanded the blog, we have not lost our jobs (yet), we have not moved overseas/interstate/south of the river and we have not gone into hospital/asylum/a witness protection program.

What we have been doing is getting drunk at Christmas and New Years functions every day since early December which has left us with little time to write. New reviews will commence shortly.

Now is a good opportunity to reflect on what is now a year's worth of work. We have discovered some amazing places which we never would have visited if not for this blog - to name a few - Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe, Third Avenue Cafe, Al Sito, Koinonia and Charco's Charcoal Chicken. We will also mention Cantina 663, but we suspect we would have gone there regardless of whether or not the Beaufort Street Challenge was taken up.

We've also discovered some duds - Peking Chinese Restaurant, Seven Seas (which has thankfully closed down) and Magic Pizza.

It's been a long journey, we thought we would have wrapped it up in 2008, but it looks like we'll go well into the new year. As for future plans - we are considering not stopping at the end of Beaufort Street and going right down through Barrack Street, ending up at Halo on the Barrack Street Jetty (which would give us a wonderful opportunity to see the grandious, beautiful and highly-original Perth ferris wheel up close. That thing is AWESOME). Or, we might have a stab at William Street next, although the MSG we'd get from eating at William Street restaurants once a week would probably never leave our bodies.

As you can see, there's much to be excited about. Happy 2009 food fans, we hope it's a great one for all of you.


Chris said...


Thank goodness you've returned to the blogosphere of Perth.

If you're looking for someone to join you in your quest to conquer William Street or perhaps Northbridge as a whole, I am more than happy to aid you in this.

Thanks for coming back, I can look forward to learning more about restaurants I may never go to =P

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Hi Chris - we'll let you know if we need some assistance with the possible Northbridge Noodle & Wanton challenge. Probably have to wait till we finish Beaufort Street though, which at the current rate, will be sometime in 2012.

Michael said...

Welcome back. My friends and I love the Beaufort St area and spend nearly every weekend there either drinking, dining, entertaining, caffenating etc on our beloved Beaufo. I look forward to reading more reviews of the many wonderful restaurants in the area heading down the hill towards Highgate.

Btw closer inspection of a road map reveals that Mille` cafe and Jolly Good indian are actually in Bedford, not Inglewood. Perhaps the description of your blogg site should say "starting from the bottom of Bedford and working our way down to the city".

Best of luck



CY said...

Great to read your new posts, have been checking in every week since Dec and I must admit, you got me a little worried there! Happy New Year guys and look forward to all your posts in 09!


Northern musings said...

Good to see you back - love the idea of you going down Barrack St to the jetty!!!

Anonymous said...

William Street? Feh. Where's the challenge in that?

Personally, one of the joys of the BSB for me (other than seeing places I have eaten at, could eat at or would eat at) is that some of them have doorways that would never be darkened by Mr Broadfield (SP?) or whoever does food reviews for the Sunday Times.

I humbly suggest a sojourn east and west along Walcott Street, or up Beaufort Street into the wilds of Morley (the Tindaloo at Royal Shalimar is over-hyped -- but at least it's a challenge.

Or hell, up Wannaroo Rd, through Dog Swamp and into Balga/Westminster. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Magic pizza is so gross! Too oily and not enough variety on the menu.

Anonymous said...

hey you really should go to the delhi palace (next to mia cafe), which used to be called something else. it has changed hands and is now really good.