11 January 2010

New years resolutions

As the Beaufort Street Bloggers sat by BOOTO and the Sponge’s pool, each with a glass of the cheapest Prosecco money can buy and a handful of Samboy Salt and Vinegars, we reflected on the year that was. There were some memorable moments in 2009 – Stinky had his first birthday and first European vacation, BOOTO returned to the workforce, The Deliberator and The Brains managed to order, and receive, a whole baby pig in Bali (that's him on the right) and The Sponge got a new front lawn. Yes, 2009 was a successful year for all.

Of course, there were disappointments. The Brains scored the least Brownlow votes in season one of her and BOOTO’s Tuesday night netball team. BOOTO didn’t get the bathroom renovation she’s been dreaming of. The Sponge did not quite reach his goal of 1 million beers drunk for 2009. Stinky’s salty snack intake is not nearly as high as he desires. And a BBQ duck house is yet to open within 20 metres of The Deliberator’s front door. But there was a unanimous agreement among the bloggers, the biggest disappointment of 2009 was the failure to complete the Beaufort Street Challenge.

Since the last post, we have regularly breakfasted at Soto, we once had the entire Beaufort Street Merchant menu in one sitting (and that’s not a word of a lie), we have enjoyed the view from the bar upstairs at the Scottsman, eaten charcuterie at Must, ordered countless serves of tempura prawns with wasabi mayonnaise from Koinonia and consumed Third Avenue café’s Café De Paris butter on at least 2 occasions. However, none of these meals qualified for the blog due to quorum issues.

With a new babysitter for Stinky, a fresh outlook for 2010 and a 4 insatiable appetites, the Beaufort Street Bloggers are back on track to meet their challenge. Thank you for your comments and emails of encouragement. We hope you forgive our tardiness and continue to support our mission – god knows we need it when we embark upon another year of slightly too tight pants and empty wallets.

Stay tuned for the first 2010 instalment of the Beaufort Street Blog.


Anonymous said...

Yay you're back!!!

northern musings said...

Welcome back!!! Look forward to the next review!

s said...

This just may be the best news 2010 has brought so far!

Prudence says said...

Who needs a new lawn. Or bathroom. Your followers need to know about Two Fat Indians and all the others.

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Hi guys, thanks for your comments and all the best for 2010. Prudence, surely a woman can have a fabulous bathroom AND a dinner at 2 Fat Indians? Review to follow shortly.

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...


Emily said...

Hooray for the long-awaited return of the BFB's! I will continue to enjoy the acerbic wit and detailed insights into our local eating-houses in 2010 (frankly, you could carry this on for years as far as I'm concerned, so long as I see a post once in a while I'm a happy girl).

skink said...


welcome back.

we tried Little Saigon after your last write-up, and are now regulars (ish)

so we have been looking forward to you poison-testing a few more undiscovered gems in our neighbourhood for us.

this stuff is important, you know

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Emily - thanks for your kind words, but this time we will try and keep the posts more regular. We cannot promise anything in the way of acerbic wit and detailed insights though.

Skink - good to hear Little Saigon is on your list of regulars, we have been back since and still just love those sweet potato and prawn thingys.

The Beer Judges said...

Thank goodness you have returned... I have made a similar pledge to keep updating my blog on alcohol (mostly beer, admittedly) as well.

Good to see you back, and I look forward to hearing about your reviews of venues down Beaufort Street and all the way down Barrack Street :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I once again will have something interesting to read while pretending to work! Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Hooray from me too! I love reading your blog and am looking forward to new reviews in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Very good initiative and blog. Congratulations.

What about nominating your place of the year for 2010 and may be up to 5 followers-up in different categories?

BSB awards? :)

Anonymous said...

I left the previous comment, my name is Jose but I don't know - or can't be bothered.. - how to put a name up.
I dined at Veritas last November and I think your review is very accurate!

Samuel said...

Good to see you guys on the tools again, hope I can join you for one of the 'eat the menu' attempts.

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Jose - BSB awards hey, not a bad idea. Perhaps we could host an award night at Beaufort Street eatery. Something to discuss.

Sam - the 'eat the menu' challenge is on nearly every Thursday night, let us know next time you're at a loose end on a Thursday and are craving overindulgence.

APPLE said...

Yessssss! I love this blog! So glad you guys are back on the case.

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