15 May 2008

Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe

Pub folklore dictates that the lyrics go something like "....You know I wish that I had Jesse's girl...",

However, the BSBs have to share with our readers that in our professional opinion there can be no doubt, that prior to its radio release, this classic Rick Springfield hit did in fact make no mention of a "girl", but rather made reference to an unassuming, yet solid curry house situate at 869 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.

From the "blink and you'll miss it" shopfront, Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe makes no promises. In fact, the BSBs were fully prepared to move their Thursday night soiree to another venue, should Jessie's not actually open for evening trade. Fortune favoured the BSBs on this particular night. The lights were on, so we ventured in.

It must be said, there is no mood lighting, nor cosy decor to greet you at Jessie's. There is something much better. It is the genuine, warm hearted greeting of Jessie's husband - the man behind the woman so to speak. So often the BSBs find they are greeted with indifference and at times even annoyance when requesting a table for 4. Baffling really when you consider that the male contingent of our party clearly own big appetites.

But we digress.

Post warm greeting from Mr Jessie, we were immediately accommodated at our choice of table, outside on busy Beaufort Street, yet taking advantage of what was to be one of Perth's last balmy nights for the 2007/2008 Summer. We were then promptly presented with menus and provided with glasses for our vast (of course) array of wine and the excess taken away to refrigeration pending consumption. None of the glasses matched. It has to be said the BSBs take this as a good sign. Having eaten at many a dodgy curry house both here and overseas, the BSBs know that often the lack of matching glassware and cutlery is a good indication that an establishment prefers to concentrate on its food, rather than on needless aesthetics.

Jessie's specialises in Indian and Malaysian cuisine, which makes for a more interesting menu than offered by your average Perth curry house. Whilst both born in Sri Lanka, Jessie and her husband were both raised in Malaysia. Hence the interesting mix.

Even if one were to ignore the obvious handicap of The Deliberator, the BSBs were left...well... deliberating. Thankfully, Mr Jessie came to the rescue with a few recommendations and we were soon on our way.

Starters (to share) included a selection of Dosai (savoury pancake made from rice and dahll), your standard samosas and chapati.

Our mains (also to share) were something of a mystery, with the descriptions on the menu divulging only that we had ordered a chicken curry, a lamb curry and a prawn curry. To play a little safely, we added a Kway Teow to finish. There was definite bite to many of the dishes, however not enough that it took away from the actual tastiness of the various flavours within each curry sauce.

All dishes served were helpfully accompanied with an explanation of the ingredients and origins from Mr Jessie himself. He remained throughout the meal attentive, yet not overbearing nor annoying.

Towards the end of our meal and after much gushing to Mr Jessie, the table was rewarded with a special visit from Jessie who momentarily left her kitchen to check we were happy with our meal and tell us a little of the history of Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe. Of particular note was how hard Jessie acknowledged her husband worked in supporting her in her restaurant endeavours. Aside from running his own business during the day, Mr Jessie helped out as the only wait staff present and also deboned around 100 kilograms of chicken drumsticks per week in order that the chicken used in Jessie's chicken dishes was of the highest standard, without a hint a dryness. Also worth noting is that Jessie is the sole cook behind Jessie's kitchen. The BSBs can say without hesitation that this did not at all affect the timeliness with which their meal was served.

But the best was yet to come. The bill. An inexplicable $70 total!

And so it was that the BSBs left Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe that night with that warm feeling one gets from good food, personal service and a certain smugness with having dispelled a long held myth: Rick Springfield never had a mate named Jesse and even if he did, Jesse is too poncy a name for a bloke to have a hot girlfriend that would make him the envy of his mates. So it stands to solid logic and reason that whilst the BSBs think they made a real find in Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe, it would appear that Mr Springfield made it there and fell in love some 20 years before us.

In summary:

Service: Wondeful, kind, friendly, interesting. We loved it.

Food: Absolutely outstanding curries.

Ambience: It's up to you! You can enjoy takeaway curry-house chic or highway side dining.

Highlight: the warm greeting, Jessie, Mr Jessie and the chicken curry.

Lowlight: there was none worth mentioning.

Rating: 4.5 mismatchng wine glasses out of 5 (our first ever 4.5).

Will we be back? every week if we could.

Details: Call them on (08) 9271 8528. The bill was close enough to zero to not worry about. No corkage was charged. On Friday and Saturdays extra dishes are offered.
Coming up: as we visited Jessie's some time ago, it's irrelevant. We are still going to Third Avenue Cafe this week.

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The Worst of Perth said...

Have actually no memory of seeing this place despite spending so much of my life on travelling this street. Sounds good. Can't be too far from the mysterious knock-shop at 835 right? Sounds worth a try.

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

TWOP - the only landmark that we can remember it being near is Bonanza Paints which, incidentally, is the BSBers' preferred paint store.

It's just up the road from (andon the same side as) the knock shop which, incidentally, is the BSBers' preferred house of ill repute.

Thommo said...

This place is an absolute gem. Jessie & Jeya (aka Mr Jessie) are fanstastic hosts. My son (now a bit over two) has grown up on Jessies dahl and rice and he loves it (and the free pappadums Jessie throws in). A few recommendations: you must try the murtabak (curry filled paratha) and the karti rolls - divine.
It's great for those nights when you can't be bothered cooking. Great home style cooking at ridiculously low prices. I always feel guilty when I'm paying the bill. I don't think I've ever said this before but they could do with raising their prices by 20% I reckon.
Oh yeah and as for the location; it's right next to the police station near Bunnings.

PS - love the blog by the way. Wish I'd discovered it earlier

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Thommo - your son is one lucky little man. He's going to grow up with a fine sense of what's right and what's wrong in the Perth curry scene. All of the bloggers have since been back to Jessie's at least twice each, so hopefully it also becomes a family tradition for us.

Glad you like the blog, we love reading people's comments and feedback too.

sezza08 said...

i am not normally one to read blogs but this one is bloody funny!!! well done and keep up the top research. I'm off to see Mr Jessie!

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Cheers sezza08, let us know what you think!

pavey said...

i agree with thommo! way too cheap for the best indian in perth!

i live only a few streets away and go whenever possible, jessie is like the indian aunty i never had :)

Invertir en oro said...

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Anonymous said...

Heard about the fantastic food and after driving around in circles with three very hungry children, we found the place but unfortunately much to our disapointment... We were told their place was totally booked out!! And mind you it was not relayed in the warm friendly manner everyone describes. Seemed like they were expecting a large group of people the way the tables were laid and just wanted to get rid of us!! Sorry ... They should state bookings are essential...would have saved us a drive out there!!

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