14 May 2008

The Inglewood Hotel

After a short hiatus, the Bloggers have now recommenced their journey down Beaufort Street. Given BITO seems only minutes away from becoming BOOTO (Bun Out of the Oven) we decided to skip the 2 takeaway joints between Mekong and the Inglewood Hotel (being Inglewood Pizza and of course, Ankara). We will save them for the arrival of The Sponge Junior as we are not sure how well s/he will adapt to Thursday night dining in the early stages of life.

So, straight to the Inglewood Hotel we went, which was a stop we had all been eagerly anticipating.

The Inglewood Hotel is a great pub, you can always find a seat, it has equally appealing alfresco and indoor dining, it shows sport, plays music, has a good selection of beer and wine and dishes up high quality pub food. Our visit on Thursday night was no exception.

In a major turn out for the books, The Deliberator was running late. Incredible. So, the rest of the Bloggers headed down without him, relishing the opportunity to engage in some high quality conversation without the constant interruption, belligerent comments and general disturbance that The Deliberator, although much loved, is famous for.

While we waited, we bought a bottle of wine, a pint of beer, Turkish bread with dips and some fried chorizo. The chorizo did not look like chorizo to us, but it was delicious. It came out as very thin slices of some Italian sausage or other, crisply fried and served with lemon. The selection of 3 dips were very tasty, although The Sponge felt one of them was completely out of place and was nothing more than a bit of runny yoghurt. The Turkish bread was hot and oily, just the way it should be. The only down side was that there was not quite enough bread, which is nearly always the case, so to avoid wastage we had to pile the dips on the bread in enormous quantities.

The Deliberator then arrived. He picked up the menu, looked at it for about 2 seconds and told us he’d made his decision. It was so incredible we wondered where The Deliberator we knew so well had gone. He then walked to the bar, bought another bottle of wine, came back, slammed the wine bucked on the table, filled his glass to the brim, flopped on his chair and proceeded to educate us on how life is. Oh, there he is.

The Brains ordered the hamburger, which was the biggest and most wonderful hamburger she had consumed in some time. It came with a ridiculous sized serving of chips, and all the necessary extras – cheese, bacon and egg. As for the other dishes, when The Brains sent an email to the rest of the team asking for their input into this review, she decided the descriptions of the meals were better straight from the punters themselves:

The Sponge: ‘Chicken Parmagiana (ie. a tender chicken breast, lightly crumbed, and served with a topping of ham, melted mozzarella and a tomato sauce).’ [Please refer back to the Tony’s Pasta House post for our previous review of a chicken parma.]

The Deliberator: ‘Pork Sausages on a bed of Mash with Caramelised onions and bacon in top all topped with a very nice gravy/sauce (which I can not remember the name of). The Brains had the burger and chips. The "side of chips" for the table was as generous as I have seen ..... and I have seen a few.’

The Sponge: ‘Pretty sure BITO had some sort of lamb dish?? I also had a lager, and some wine. I’m getting flashbacks of some kind of sausage too. The barman had long hair and looked like a bit of a loser. That concludes my memories of the evening.’

The Deliberator: ‘I am surprised and insulted that you do not remember the giant fart I did at the table.’

The Sponge: ‘If it had been a unique event, I am sure I would have remembered it. On the other hand, if one day we sit down to dinner and you do NOT fart, then I am sure it will instill in me a memory I will cherish for the rest of my days.’

In summary:

Service: very friendly, understated but attentive enough.

Food: Top notch, we love this grub.

Ambience: comfortable, relaxing and not so cool that we’re scared away.

Highlight: the giant side of chips.

Lowlight: the waiter’s hair.

Rating: 4 pints of draught out of 5.

Will we be back? sooner than you think.

Details: Call them on (08) 9370 5511. The bill came to roughly $40 per head with ample wine and beer.

Coming up: We are going to Third Avenue Café next, and we know absolutely nothing about it.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a massive fart. Hope BITO births soon and you guys can get down to some serious business. Really looking forward to your Jacksons review - we will be home in November if you can wait that long, but I think BITO has earnd a big meal!

Anonymous said...

apologies fo my spelling - matt

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Hi Matt - the BSBs can definitely wait that long, in fact, it's unlikely that we will even be up to Jacksons by November. We will have to take a pen and paper to that one.

How's the eating in the UK?

Anonymous said...

Australian Hotel of the Year Winner 2008- says it all really. Hats off to the chef. His unusual combinations of flavours work really well.
When you see how far theyve come with the Inglewood Hotel, it makes me all teary when i see the Civic in such a bad state.

Beaufort Street Bloggers said...

Glenn - couldn't agree with you more. We've never been disappointed with the food at the Inglewood, but the best thing about it is that it has not become too big for its boots like, for instance, the Queens - good service, heaps of space and a relaxed vibe mean our visits are always enjoyable.

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